Oliver Mark: Spiegel Campaign

In Oliver Mark’s picture series, the Spiegel magazine becomes a display window, since he was allowed to take a look at the editorial department of the magazine.
If you know Mark’s works, you have probably realized that he shows things as they are. His pictures usually look unvarnished, close and often transport a kind of familiarity.
As a top-notch portrait photographer, he is a great choice for finding and staging Spiegel’s journalists’ and employees’ essence because a meticulous research precedes each shooting.
So he created a campaign about the various fields of journalism in which the editors are portrayed and staged with relevant quotes.
Mark managed to transport the seriousness and the authenticity of the Spiegel magazine and his unadorned style perfectly emphasizes the people and the excellent work that is done there.
In the end, he created an exciting picture series that turns the focus on Spiegel magazine.