Oliver Mark: Beuys

Mixing the unusual. Tush magazine, especially the online version, are known for their unusual fusions in the areas of beauty, fashion and trends.
They have commissioned Oliver Mark to deliver a picture series which fits their fictive interview with the deceased artist Beuys.
As expected, the result of this cooperation is an extraordinary and funny creative chaos, which is harmonious and right to the point on closer inspection.
Oliver Mark, who is known like no other for his exclusive and personal portraits, is facing the task of portraying someone who is long deceased.
Of course, just like with his numerous other portraits, he succeeded in fulfilling the task and presented a series of Beuys artworks adapted in his own portrait style.
Close, but with a certain distance. Affectionate towards an otherwise rigid object, he manages to push forward into a depth in the end into which Beuys viewer also pushes whenever he gets involved with his artwork.
Mark managed what he always does: he researches, he analyzes, and he delivers pictures that seem to have developed by coincidence but which unfold their whole impact in the end.
This is a great tribute to Beuys and a wonderful picture series for Tush magazine and their creative people.