Oliver Mark: Takes personal portraits of Elīna Garanča

Oliver Mark, the guy whom everybody trusts, has everything a good portrait photographer needs and more. First and foremost, he had enough (and well-deserved) luck to be hired to photograph the internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano singer Elīna Garanča for the Gluck Opera Festival 2016.

Considering the fact that she only gets her pictures taken every two years, Mark dealt with a real rarity here.

Any possible diva-like attitude aside, the timbre between the two was just right from the beginning and we see a very relaxed and photogenic soprano singer.

People just easily open up to Oliver Mark’s much-extolled aura, which proves advantageous to his job.

What also plays into Mark’s hands is the fact that he was allowed to take the pictures in the Old National Gallery in Berlin, which he can definitely register as a win and a fantastic setting.

Oliver Mark managed to sweeten the pill of having to wait another two years until we see something of Elīna Garanča again.