Oliver Mark: Boris Becker

People trust Oliver Mark – and by people I do not only mean his clients. Apparently everyone feels like they can just be themselves around Oliver Mark, which is what makes him one of the best people-photographers in the world.

The man from Berlin simply traveled to Wimbledon in order to meet Boris Becker for the new magazine Zeit Golfen.

Of course Becker, who discovered a passion for golfing after his active tennis career, is a highly coveted motif since he is a man of the public and a real society-guy.

The resulting pictures are not surprising but all the more amusing. Each picture shows an obviously relaxed and cheerful Becker, either while teeing off or while striking his winning pose. In every picture you can see his slightly roguish, boyish charm. The result is a very well-made cover and several other great pictures.

Oliver Mark managed to prove yet again that he just knows how to win people over.