Sander Foederer was born in the Netherlands in 1973. He holds a teaching degree in arts and went on to study photography in Amsterdam at which point he also worked as a freelance assistant for a wide range of photographers. Sander graduated from the Dutch Fotoacademie Amsterdam in 2005 and has been working as a freelance photographer ever since. His work has garnered nominations and awards on numerous occasions. He is the father of two children.
Beautiful light in combination with subtly chosen perspectives in his work bear reference to the fictional filmic world of advertising. Looking at Sander‘s images, the viewer feels as if they are sitting in the front row of a cinema – no matter whether the image has been shot for a big client or tells a personal story.
The categories which interest this young artist are wide. May it be social thopics or intimate portraits.

AkzoNobel, British Council, Concordis, CSM, Cyrus, Erasmus University, Identity Matters, Kadaster, Ministry VROM, Mobycon, Nyenrode Business University, Pierrot Theatre, Polaroid, Politie, Rabo Vastgoed Group, Studio Roozen, Themis, TNT, etc.
Elle Living, Items, Nieuwe Revu, NRC Next, Podium Publishers, Volkskrant, etc.

Panl Award 2006 – Silver
Gold Trophy Fotogram 2002

New York
British Council
Metro Shanghai
Metro Moskau
Metro Düsseldorf
Metro Paris
Metro Warsaw
Foodprint Book
CSM Bingen

Sander Foederer: Playtime for Metro Cash & Carry Moscow

Yes, there is someone in the world who's job it is to buy cuddly toys en masse. And why not turn it into a little game while you're at it, and see how many you can get into one big arm full. The cuddlier and the bigger, the better! Hey, is this work or is this playtime? Looks like pretty much everyone shopping at Moscow's Metro Cash & Carry is having an awesome time between the aisles. Sander Foederer visited the Moscow branch of this international wholesale brand to spend a day in the lives of people who shop at Metro and see how it enables them to carry out their professions and keep everything running smoothly at work - from the nursery that needs fresh produce for their kitchen to the local mini-mart. Real reportage of real people is what tells these stories best, and Sander knows just how to bring that across.

Sander Foederer: METRO CASH & CARRY report 2nd part

Part two of Sander's trip to 5 countries for Metro Cash & Carry was to visit their branch in Paris. The self-service wholesale retailers are particularly known for the quality of their highly fresh produce. This time Sander accompanied some of Metro's customers along the way in their shopping experience, from selecting the freshest greens and vegetables to visiting their businesses where product meets end user. Sander tells us the human stories that lie behind the wholesale industry, like that of the charming grocer who knows his apples from his pears, or the gourmet chef who runs a fine restaurant down town á Paris. Alors, bon appetit!

Sander Foederer: METRO CASH & CARRY report

Dutch photographer Sander Foederer landed himself a rather nice commission when Metro Cash & Carry asked him to travel around the world for a project covering 5 countries. The international wholesale market for professionals in the hotel & catering business and independent retailers were convinced Sander was the perfect man for the job. Starting off with the Düsseldorf branch, Sander documented the Metro retail atmosphere in his natural reportage manner, showing everything from the vast impeccable stockrooms to the friendly staff giving their customers good advice or helping them choose the tastiest beer!

Sander Foederer for Erasmus University