David Maurer is a modern Renaissance painter. Whether it is landscape, portrait or automobile photography: he is always concerned with the visualization of hidden structures, processes and stories. In so doing, his pictures capture a magical moment that goes beyond a purely visual presentation, which is difficult to resist.
Born in the midseventies, David Maurer took an apprenticeship as a photographer in a studio for car photography near Frankfurt from 1996-98.
After assisting for various photographers in the field of people and transportation photography, he explored the world working on cruise vessels for 8 month, travelling to north polar region, to Antarctica and to south America.
Coming back he continued assisting and started working for Georg Fischer in 2002 on worldwide shootings, briefly interluded by a 10-month trip on his own to Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Asia.
In 2008 David established his own business as a transportation, people, architecture and landscape photographer. Since then he is working for a continuously growing number of clients, amongst others for major car brands like BMW, Mercedes, Opel and Renault.

Messring, Renault, BMW, HR Rundfunk, HR Fernsehen, Nissan, Seat, Mercedes, Opel Service, Pfeiffer Germany, Samsung, RRX, Gecko Group, Beadeker, Alouette

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VW Amaroque
AMG Logistics
Porsche Service
ADAC Christoph 25 & 28
Škoda Superb
Lufthansa Technik
Mercedes B-Class
Škoda Yeti
Sud América
Metal Worker

BMW - F30 Motion

BMW - F30 Making of

David Maurer: Porsche Macan

To hit the mark, is the first rule of every shooter. In the case of the collaboration between David Maurer and Porsche one can say that David hit the Bull’s-eye. And so, thanks to Maurer the new Macan GTS gets his big moment of fame. In the global campaign for Porsche which was shot over three weeks in different cities, the car glides elegantly through all the streets and past various localities. Here, Maurer has taken advantage of the intense lights in the cities to set the focus on the real star, the Macan. In full speed, everything blurs around the car and one can feel that nothing is able stop the new Porsche. Like a painter who plays with colors and lights, Maurer sets a mood so that the new design definitely won’t go unappreciated. After seeing this photos, a car fan or a inveterate Porsche lover won’t have another option than to fall in love with the Macan GTS. There is nothing remained to say except: Bull’s-eye straight into our eyes and hearts!

David Maurer: BMW Z4 Roadster

A car that combines tradition and modernism, this is exactly what David Maurer impressively depicts in his photos. He bridges the gap between old and new by staging the sporty protagonist in a setting that could barely be richer in tradition: In beautiful Barcelona, he shows the successor of the classic Roadster at its best. Just like the city itself, this dynamic car combines history and innovation into a harmonic picture and it invites to enjoying summery days in and around Barcelona. Due to Maurer’s special intuition for depicting the car’s dynamic details, the viewer cannot miss them in his pictures. David does not only depict a car here, but the perfect synergy of object and setting which excitingly mirrors the combination of old and new.

David Maurer: Portraying everyday Heros for Iveco Magirus

Whatever the weather, come rain, come storm, Iveco Magirus is there to the rescue. The company has been around for 150 years and with many inventions of groundbreaking technologies in the industry, it is no surprise that they are one of the most successful manufacturers of firefighting trucks and rescue vehicles in the world today. To show off their big toys, Iveco Magirus were keen to put David Maurer’s technical skills to the test. Whilst these images are highly skilled in their execution, with the help of unusual angles and high contrast, David also conveys a strong sense of reliability and bravery that each one of these trucks and their fire fighters will inevitably become involved in.

Hall of Fame: New York Festivals Award for David Maurer

David Maurer: SKODA Superb Campaign Shooting in Lisbon

When there's a shiny new car in town, you need a shiny new campaign to go with it. Leagas Delaney's Hamburg team were asked to develop the print campaign that corresponds with the TV ad for the new Skoda Superb. And what a Superb looking Skoda it is! David Maurer, who has shot many recent Skoda campaigns, has yet again not just met the brief but exceeded our expectations. Whilst lending a very natural daylight feel combined with a warm summery glow to the look of the shoot, David's lighting techniques and post-production skills have given the Skoda Superb that extra sparkle. Not only does the Superb now turn heads of pretty ladies on zebra crossings, but also of fluffy highland sheep - should you ever want to impress one with your shiny Skoda…

David Maurer: Lotus Series - Retro meets Future

Now here's an über cool stretch of car shots if ever there was one! These are the visual feasts that come to fruition, when you simply let the guy with the vision do his thing. And in this case, the man with the vision is David Maurer. Our Frankfurt based super hero for all things made of metal with wheels or wings ( BMW, Audi, Lufthansa) took it upon himself to revive the somewhat unsung cult status of the Lotus Éclat 22 – and perhaps an unsung mechanic turned electro god?! Don't you just love those 80's RGB disco portraits?! Pimp me up David! – Deliberately combining the natural light in an abandoned industrial hall with unusual and progressive lighting tricks he has ended up creating this stunning retro future clash where the gritty contrast of the industrial surroundings comes face to face with the beautiful streamlined 1980's contours and reflections of the Lotus, a car which, at it's time was one of the most minimalist and futuristic looking things on wheels – let's just call it “futro” shall we… because if you ever want to come back to the futro again, David is the one who can take you there. Fast forward and rewind all at the same time…

David Maurer: Sexy Forklifts for Crown

I don't think I've ever seen an advert for a fork-lift before, have you? And certainly not as sophisticated and stylised as this one! But this oddly shaped gadget designed by the brand "Crown" is meant to be the bees knees in the secret world of fork-lifting – so much so, that none of the business managers want to spread the word of the source of their success – so the agency had to call upon David Maurer to do it for them. I can just imagine the art director going "Yes, more! More sexy please, that fork-lift has got to look sexy..!" And when you're shooting fork-lifts, it really is all about the lighting. You want a sexy fork-lift? Call David Maurer.

David Maurer: ŠKODA summer images

David who has a thing or two for shooting cars, planes, trains and anything propelled by speed, is clearly Škoda’s top choice when it comes to shooting their campaigns. This season’s “Visage” summer campaign for the Sky Blue Collection by Skoda is in a way, a campaign in a campaign. So glamorous, so shiny (thanks to David’s excellent lighting of course), it’s just too tempting to walk past… Want a make-over? Get a Sky Blue Škoda! Don’t bother with the hairdresser, that only lasts a couple of weeks.

David Maurer: ŠKODA Yeti campaign in Prague

David Maurer, was off to Prague this time, to shoot a Yeti. What’s a Yeti doing in Prague you might ask? Being highly experienced shooting car campaigns, David was commissioned to create the latest Skoda Yeti campaign. This neat 4x4 which has won many awards, is all about finding that perfect balance between city life and off-road adventure – for those who want it all in one - and Prague proved itself to be an ideal backdrop for this dual concept, in terms of its relatively unrecognisable aesthetic, its proximity to beautiful untouched landscapes and from a production point of view. With his technical finesse, David blended the two together creating an entirely new landscape – quite a feat when you have to consider all these elements such as horizons, angles, lighting, shadows, reflections and what not… And he makes it look so easy!

David Maurer: Machines and workers reportage for Foundry

David Maurer shot his latest series amongst hissing machines, furnaces and molten metal. Once David began photographing the industrial site, a group of curious workers gathered around him to see what all the commotion was about. David did not expect any of the workers to take part in his project but they did and with surprising ease, providing him with the added bonus of spontaneous additional portraits. His series shows men who wear their oil streaks and sweat stains like badges of honor. One particularly Mafia-esque Italian known as ‘Salvatorangelo Piano’ fascinated David. He was short but radiated dignity. Salvator disappeared just before the shoot was about to take place only to reappear 10 minutes later looking dapper in freshly laundered, crisply ironed overalls. Even tough guys want to be divas sometimes.

David Maurer: HR Info Campaign

With the success of his previous HR television campaign, David Maurer was also asked to shoot a campaign for the regional HR radio station (same client). David’s shots were used for a big regional billboard campaign, which reveals how radio slips into every home, touching the most varied of people. The series shows how "Those who listen have more to say": an elderly retired couple cheerfully debate over breakfast in bed; a taxi driver keeps himself entertained through the night with the endless variety of topics; even a high class prostitute keeps herself up to date with the latest small-talk for her clients. Maurer really nails how radio doesn’t discriminate in its audience, and how HR radio is open for everyone.

David Maurer: Campaign for HR Television

David Maurer shot this next campaign for Hessen based HR television station. Maurer wanted to show the station's presenters in locations and contexts that reflect their TV programs. Sven Lorig, host of the Antiques Roadshow-like 'Things from the Attic', sits in a loft surrounded by people digging through boxes in search of hidden treasures. Each shot is suffused with beautiful natural sunlight and shows how HR is seamlessly integrated into the lives of Hessen locals. A simple but highly effective way to show the station's colourful, warm and cheerful identity.

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