With his diploma, the young photographer Christian Rolfes is breathing new life into portrait photography. He is part of a generation of those who not only grew up with this permanent networking but who also play with it. This is clear in his andandand.net project for which he has been awarded ADC’s “Junior Talent of the Year”. In his images, Rolfes combines a curiousity for photographic handicraft with a flair for finding interesting new faces. He invites his subjects into staged scenarios, ultimately turning the photo shoot into a game. Whether on the web, on location or in studio: Christian Rolfes’ portraits are theatrical and this theatre comes from the very heart of his models.

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Monter Attac
Maren Duesel Jewellery
Schauspielhaus Bochum - Kids
NYRT @ Les Halles
Lastar & Gintersdorfer
Spiegel - Rückenschmerz
Christian Ehring
Return 2 the Wild
Schauspielhaus Bochum
In the Sri Lanka West

andandand Teaser

Christian Rolfes: Monster Attac

Christian Rolfes loves to go to town, especially when it comes to letting his imagination run wild… Rolfes, who sure has a playful and quirky streak in him, has shot for the likes of Adidas and Der Spiegel, and top advertising agencies DDB Düsseldorf and Jung von Matt, and was voted Talent of the Year 2011 by The Art Directors Club Germany. You just need to give him a concept – in this case the festering evils of the big cities - and the freedom to go a bit bonkers in his studio, and before you know it, he'll be building whole imaginary cities out of cardboard and other things flying about in the studio that he can get his hands on, including tights. Yes, tights. Stress, pollution and other similar “angsts” of ours caused by the pressures and intensities of the cities have manifested into giant angry and all consuming monsters made out of stuffed tights. They really do have an unsettling nature to them don't they? Yet Christian still manages to keep it all gloomily tongue in cheek. What a fun shoot! So next time you have an assignment to shoot some crazy bulging tights-monsters - Who you gonna call?!

Christian Rolfes: Vintage Vespa shoot for Scooter Center

Nowadays you don't need a sporty car to impress a lady, just turn up with your vintage Vespa and ask her to hop onto the back and off you go! Scooter Center, a leading retailer for all things scooters, accessories and spare parts, commissioned Christian Rolfes to shoot this wonderfully dreamy and refreshing campaign for them. Christian, who has previously shot for the likes of Adidas, Der Spiegel and Jung von Matt, was well up for the job. With the help of some good casting, Christian recreated the relaxed and intimate atmosphere of a close-knit group of young friends, who just want to feel carefree, go wherever they want and simply have some summer fun together. They grab their Vespa's and scooter off to a lake in the nearby countryside, stop by a nifty mechanic on the way, and who knows, maybe there's a romance blossoming in the air..?

Christian Rolfes: ‘70s glamour for vintage boutique NewYorkRioTokyo

When stylist Stefanie Schmidt opened up her vintage boutique NewYorkRioTokyo in Berlin, she called upon photographer Christian ROLFES to develop an enticing campaign for the launch. Christian always loved his father's snapshots of the ‘70s so he came up with the clever idea to send a model back in time wearing Schmidt's retro collection. And then integrated these into the family photos. The results are wonderful. The glamorous time traveler does an excellent job of interacting with her surroundings. Even the people in the photograph are convinced she's really there! The post-production is impeccable but it's the stories that unfold within each frame that are truly engaging. A stunning redhead disembarks from a plane, counting how many footsteps she is away from finally kissing him again. In another photo, an elegant lady stands on a ship's deck, hoping her polka dot dress will reveal her wilder side to the captain. A beautiful teenager shows off her body for the benefit of exactly the kind of men her mother would disapprove of. Every vintage piece of clothing has a past life and Christian's series muses over the women whose lives they may have been a part of.

Christian Rolfes: Colourful for eyewear Magazine

Christian Rolfes teamed up with Elan Make-Up Studio for a colourful feature in Eyewear Magazine. The models appear illuminated by vibrant beams of filtered light – which on closer inspection turn out to be the handiwork of a talented make-up artist. The pastel neon colours lend a futuristic edge to the photo shoot, whilst also providing the perfect backdrop for the eye-wear collection. Rolfes proves once again that his clear vision and his ability to produce and manage photography projects make him one of the few photographers with whom clients can rest assured when handing over the reins.

ADC Talent des Jahres Christian Rolfes im Skype Interview

Christian Rolfes, Absolvent der FH Düsseldorf, hat mit seiner Arbeit andandand.net beim ADC Nachwuchswettbewerb 2011 den Titel ADC Talent des Jahres gewonnen. Natürlich würde er sich über einen würdigen Nachfolger freuen. Christian im "SKYPE-INTERVIEW.":http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=MIL6eKCeNEE

Christian Rolfes: Traces of Sleep for IVARY

The new IVARY brand plans to open up its first international flagship store, solely dedicated to products related to the subject of sleep. Christian ROLFES was commissioned with developing a photography series that captures the core of the brand – sleep well. The aptly named 'Traces of Sleep' series consists of a very clever visual idea, in which the impressions left on the pillows after leaving the warm beds form the IVARY Logo. Just like the pillows bear the lasting impressions of sleep, Rolf's series also leaves the viewers in awe of the series' quality and appeal.

New Talent - Christian Rolfes

Christian Rolfes' portraits are little fragments of faces, situations, hidden places, desires and self-expression. Sometimes they get closer to you than you would like but that’s exactly what makes them so appealing.