Bo Hylén focuses on shooting car advertisements that depict his fondness of motion and dynamics.
He visually communicates the idea of the pleasure of driving, and has molded his unique style into the visual language of contemporary automobile advertisement.
His photography resemble a mixture of light and mood in a dramatic way, were he gets an authentic natural look to his work.

Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Apple Computers, BMW,
Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrisler, Citroen, Compaq computers,
Ericsson, Deawoo, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyndai, Infinity,
Isuzu, KIA, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Mercedes,
Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Pontiac, Porsche,
Renault, Rover, Saab, Saturn, Scania, Siemens, Skoda,
Sky, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Volvo CE
VW, Yamaha, etc.

4th Street
Volvo Excavators
City Canyons

Volvo - The Climbing

Bo Hylén: Freedom on Wheels

What makes a good story? Ideally, it has a captivating start and an exciting end. Let’s try! If Bo Hylén can do it by staging the new Maserati Ghibli, so can we. Listening to people complain that no one can just reinvent the wheel, we began wondering how there can be any progress!? We found the answer in cultural theory which basically says that progress can also arise from transmitting an original to the present. Maybe Bo Hylén did not use this approach, but definitely a similar one, for transmitting the picture series of the new Maserati to Copenhagen. By contrasting the bicycles and the cycling city with the Maserati driving experience, he creates a fascinating picture. As a perfect transmission of its Ghibli-predecessor from 1967, the Maserati with its economy, the optional panoramic roof, the aerodynamic look and the special four-wheel drive comes suspiciously close to natural driving enjoyment. So, of course, Bo Hylén strikes the right chord in Copenhagen with his decision to create an atypical advertisement and a more urban, city-friendly Image. In this campaign, he skillfully plays with the contrasts of mobile people on bicycles and the ecofriendly lifestyle of the world’s second-largest cycling city while managing to give the car a personal note that is perfectly integrated into the cityscape, or at least communicates adaptability and integration. In such an ecosensitive world at a time when people are looking for values again and tend to refuse imposed advertising, Maserati found the perfect transmitter of the car’s quality and functionality with Bo Hylén.

Bo Hylén: Shoots the "loco motivus" for Siemens

Loco motivus is not, as one might be tempted to think, bad Spanish for crazy motifs, but rather modern Latin for moving from a place, i.e., the locomotive. It is precisely these huge steel monsters that used to fascinate little boys so much, and pull endlessly long freight trains. Today, such machines are almost obsolete, and companies like Siemens try to create trains that are elegant, graceful, sleek. Bo Hylén had the opportunity to stage the experience of traveling on such trains for Siemens, to make this experience available to the viewer both emotionally and visually. The result was a CGI series that was partly shot with a camera in London, Munich, and Berlin, and partly digitally constructed or processed on the computer. Bo Hylén manages to catch the various moods and situations of the travelers, integrating them harmoniously into Siemens’ overall concept of traveling and outstanding service.

Bo Hylén: VOLVO’S FH 16 launch campaign and accompanying image film

For the launch of VOLVO's latest FH16 truck, Bo HYLEN takes us high up in the Pyrenees on the open roads where the FH 16 is in its element. For the image film, Bo used time-lapse photography to create a mystical landscape of drifting fog, dancing shadows and crawling rays of early morning sunlight. We sit in the driver's seat as the truck winds its way up a deserted stretch of road amongst breathtaking snow-capped mountains and mist-covered gorges. Bo's concept for the campaign is highly effective, romanticizing the trucker’s lonesome journey while perfectly showcasing the high quality features of the FH16. The live-action project was created with the Forsman & Bodenfors agency.

Bo Hylén: VOLVO Excavator campaign

When Swedish car manufacturer Volvo launched a new range of heavy machinery, it came as no surprise that they would call upon Bo HYLÈN to photograph the accompanying campaign. Bo has shot for all the leading car manufacturers around the globe and it's easy to see why his talent and professionalism is so sought after. The Volvo Excavator campaign shows these masterful beasts hard at work in the quarries and building sites where they ply their trade. They are tireless; constantly in action, as they sculpt the world around them. The dominance of these friendly yellow monsters over the elements really shines through – whether hail, snow or thunder these machines can withstand it all. Bo's message is clear: these diggers are as reliable and trustworthy as the Volvo brand itself.

Proud to be part of Steve's legacy - Apple Test Drive Campaign by Bo Hylén from 1984

With the recent sad passing of Steve Jobs it seems fitting to look back at how it all began with the first advertising campaign for the Macintosh computer 27 years ago. The iconic "1984" TV commercial that launched Apple into the world was accompanied by the more hands-on "Test Drive a Macintosh" advertising promotion – which allowed anyone with a credit card to take home and test out a Macintosh computer free of charge for 24 hours. Shot by our very own ??Bo Hylén??, the striking yet simplistic image captures what Apple would become famous for – a blend of innovation and user-friendly design which are the hallmarks of Steve Job's legacy today.

Bo Hylén personal work CGI

Bo Hylén for Corvette

Bo Hylén for Renault