Peter Otto: Sculptures of Light and Space

Peter Otto sees the automobile with a sculptor’s eye, and he turns cars into contemporary sculptures. He discovers the inner dramaturgy of a form and stages it in a way that is both epic and surprising. He creates living bodies, often embedded in the dynamic, charged field of nature and architecture. In Peter Otto’s photographs, a car becomes a unique character. Peter Otto’s career took him to some of the world’s most important creative cities. His journey started tranquilly near Stuttgart, the epicenter of the German car industry, then took him to Berlin, a global centre for hipsters, and then on to the venerable capital of creativity: New York City. There, he honed his skills as a photographer, and then went back to Germany, to another tranquil city, namely Essen, to get his MA at the renowned Folkwang University of the Arts. Today, he lives in London, courted by carmakers from around the world.

Anders Jungermark: New Life for Lifestyle

Anders Jungermark returns life to lifestyle. His world is beautiful, because it isn’t perfect, but full of interesting rough edges. This carries over to his models, who lend the motifs power and expression. In this way, with Jungermark the themes of fashion and lifestyle gain a credibility and authenticity that has almost been lost in recent years. “Family first” is the motto of this Swedish photographer, born in 1972, who with his camera creates a special familial atmosphere. After his studies at the Art College in Gothenburg, he traveled all over the globe, to places like Oslo, Cape Town, Marbella, and then Sweden again. During that time, he engaged in a wide filed of disciplines, among them film, music videos, and production design. These skills are clearly evident in his atmospheric pictures. Jungermark lives with his wife and his two sons, he loves nature, and from time to time he also loves a cool beer.

Denis Ignatov: Booster – Canned Power

When the weights have no indication of kg, the air is stuffy and smells of worn leather gloves and rivers of sweat flow from your body through the whole room, then it is clear that you don’t have an ordinary fitness subscription. Denis Ignatov brilliantly stages the aspiring energy drink BOOSTER by turning it into what it is: an energy drink for the Middle East. A drink for fighters, for a target group that consists of men who still need to be men. The guys who used to drool over posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris now get their power for the gym from a can. Booster hasn’t reinvented the energy drink but this one is halal, which means it is free from animal products that do not conform to Muslim values. Here, the southern protagonist contentedly knocks his exhausted body back into shape with Booster after wrestling through the whole gym. And by staging it like this, Ignatov proves that he is also a booster for this product himself. 1:

Nick Ballon: Armageddon

Who doesn’t remember Bruce Willis‘ last heroic action in Armageddon, where he fights man’s last fight, brave and daring, and makes the whole world hold its breath while he finishes off the menacing comet? All this is, of course, accompanied by melodramatic music by Aerosmith. Nick Ballon’s picture series “Disaster Playground”, which shows the Armageddon-scenario in real life, is not quite as dramatic. It shows the real people who are on the spot if a comet dares to come too close to Earth. It’s probably not a surprise that this is not as suspenseful as it is in Hollywood but that doesn’t make this insight into the work of numerous disaster managers less interesting. For this shoot, Nick Ballon accompanies Nelly Ben Hayoun, a young, ambitious and maverick designer, across America. She set out to shoot a documentary about scientists and disaster managers who work for institutions such as NASA, the SETI Institute and others. So he took pictures of people who work with completely foreign (at least for ordinary mortals) worlds and technologies which only a handful of them really understands. But exactly these people are depicted in such common and, at times, funny situations that the viewer gets the feeling of being connected to them as a part of a mutual world. It is great to see pictures of a photographer who knows how to visually flatter such an interesting woman and an even more interesting project.

Lutz Hilgers: Lost in London

Gentle music guides the observer through urban scenes. Faces tell us stories, the view through the lens invites our imagination on a journey. Time and again, the impressions, the people and the things in front of the camera change. Simultaneosly, the sequence conveys a powerful consistant sense of ease. All this is floating on a wave of piano sounds that carry us away like a feather. With the impression "Comfort in a bottle" Lutz Hilgers draws an image of a driven, restless London. However, the aesthetic in Lutz' work never pulls the viewer out of his observational perspective. He focuses on reflections, colors and shadows, and in doing so he helps us recognize the gentle glow surrounding us. From the shadows leaping into our eyes, laying on the streets, the walls and in every nook and cranny, right up to the people we see in a different light when they are reflected in windows, their silhouettes refracted in the panes. Lutz Hilgers creates a magical feeling that flows like a tide of elements from one frame to the next. We almost get the impression, like a hidden message in a bottle, of floating though these misty-eyed settings ourselves, and inevitably feel like we're going on the trip of a lifetime. With "Comfort in a bottle", Lutz Hilgers creates a splendid impression of London. 1:

Tillmann Franzen: Gives ELA Container a face

The pictures that Tillmann Franzen took for ELA Container are just as personalized and versatile as the company’s product range. In these pictures, the viewer does not only get an insight into the various departments that belong to such a successful company, but also gets to know the people behind the curtain. Franzen gives a face to each department and thereby turns everyday work into something really special. The portraits that he made are just as personal as they are multifarious. However, they have one thing in common: they show happy employees who seem to be just as comfortable in front of a camera as they are at work. You have never seen container building like this before!

Julia Fullerton-Batten: Not Your Slave

“Always say yes!” is a widely spread principle when it comes to satisfying your guest or your customer. But there are (or were) times when this noble motif threatened to create less noble situations. This becomes clear when taking a look “In Service”, a project by the unquestionably talented photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten. Her pictures are meticulously structured and magnificently staged and they display the alarming details of this tricky principle. The artist, who lives in London, explains on her homepage that she wanted to show the living conditions of English servants around the time of Edward 7th (1901 – 1911) from a new perspective. She desired to create a new image apart from the popular mainstream notion of lovingly cared-for servants who lived in splendour and prosperity. The sad truth is that more than one million people worked at the houses of wealthy Englishmen in order to escape their miserable and poor lives. Much to their chagrin, especially to many women’s chagrin, abuse and sexual assaults happened frequently. Julia Fullerton Batten impressively incorporates those situations into wonderful art nouveau structures in which she includes aesthetic interpersonal scenes but at the same time she always manages to shine a light on the slight terror the pictures are about, even if it sometimes only becomes clear at a second glance.

Johannes Knuth: We are Tchibo Family

“Home is where the heart is.” – Almost everybody knows that saying. But in Johannes Knuth’s pictures, the saying becomes a feeling. Whether we see the protagonists cooking, eating, or playing together – the personal pictures that Johannes took for the client Tchibo Family draw a warm and hearty family picture and they just seem so natural and comfortable. You could begin to think Johannes secretly sneaked into the house and took these pictures completely unnoticed by the family. Apparently, not only the photographer enjoys his work, the protagonists obviously enjoy the turbulent family life as well. And this feeling reaches the viewer – it makes you feel warm all over!

Bo Hylén: Freedom on Wheels

What makes a good story? Ideally, it has a captivating start and an exciting end. Let’s try! If Bo Hylén can do it by staging the new Maserati Ghibli, so can we. Listening to people complain that no one can just reinvent the wheel, we began wondering how there can be any progress!? We found the answer in cultural theory which basically says that progress can also arise from transmitting an original to the present. Maybe Bo Hylén did not use this approach, but definitely a similar one, for transmitting the picture series of the new Maserati to Copenhagen. By contrasting the bicycles and the cycling city with the Maserati driving experience, he creates a fascinating picture. As a perfect transmission of its Ghibli-predecessor from 1967, the Maserati with its economy, the optional panoramic roof, the aerodynamic look and the special four-wheel drive comes suspiciously close to natural driving enjoyment. So, of course, Bo Hylén strikes the right chord in Copenhagen with his decision to create an atypical advertisement and a more urban, city-friendly Image. In this campaign, he skillfully plays with the contrasts of mobile people on bicycles and the ecofriendly lifestyle of the world’s second-largest cycling city while managing to give the car a personal note that is perfectly integrated into the cityscape, or at least communicates adaptability and integration. In such an ecosensitive world at a time when people are looking for values again and tend to refuse imposed advertising, Maserati found the perfect transmitter of the car’s quality and functionality with Bo Hylén.

Joel Micah Miller: Lives it up for Bosch

Joel Micah Miller doesn’t even need real objects to create great pictures. He has proven this yet again with the pictures he created for Bosch. For this series, he skillfully combined virtual scooters and motorcycles with his photographed backgrounds and staged them brilliantly. Due to his unusual way of working with light, which almost seems to become an object itself in these pictures, even ordinary objects become dreamlike. In this series, he managed to stage these scooters and motorcycles with a lightness that just makes you want to float through the city on the jazzy scooter or drive towards sunset on the sporty motorcycle yourself.

Knotan: Hot-and-Cold Sausages

The agency sends you various folders filled with pictures by different photographers for you to write about them. What do you do then? You check the list, select a name, find Knotan and you get motivated. You check the folders, look at the pictures for the first time and you begin wondering: What did he do there? A smirk forms on your face. You just came across a couple of guys who look like they were on their way to the New Year’s Parade but they seem to have left out a pretty essential detail: their clothes! ...Except for their coats and underpants. Now starts the hunt for information about the artist on the internet. By now, you are pretty exhilarated and even more motivated. Google> Knotan> you strike a bonanza: It says “New Site coming soon.” You’re not discouraged by that. Your motivation is at its peak. You click on the writing. Voilà! Pictures, pictures, pictures. But information about the artist – no chance! That doesn’t matter in the least though because you soon realise that a brilliant photographer released the shutter here. It doesn’t even matter what picture series you select. You see splendid shots of people and they contain a fun factor that is rarely found in this form and abundance. The picture series of half-naked men fits smoothly into the line of his other series: that of thrashing teenagers on a private party, that of lascivious women choosing the right kind of ice cream and that of men in lingerie discovering their feminine side. A feast for the senses! The viewer quickly realises that these pictures are about art and its spontaneous staging. That’s what Knotan’s photos depend on and this is great. In the end, you’ll know what he did there and what to do: Be happy to write about it!

Dean Freeman: Discovers stars before they were born. Meet Emily Ratajkowski

Dean Freeman not only enjoys the trust of many know celebrities, as a world renown photographer with endless ties to the community in Hollywood he also knows how to make stars. So it doesn't come as a surprise that Dean cast Emily Ratajkowski for his Series "Candy". Emily who grabbed people's attention after dancing topless in Robin Thicke's music video for his controversial hit "Blurred Lines," snagged recently a role in David Fincher's movie Gone Girl. But before all that she was happy to dance for Dean. And here you can enjoy the result.2:

Julia Fullerton-Batten: Shoots Swisscom Campaign for Heimat

When Heimat was looking for a photographer to shoot their new Swisscom campaign it didn't come as a surprise that their choice fell on Julia Fullerton-Batten. Her photographic style with special skills for setting epic lighting and constructing complex stories, was exactly what Heimat needed for this campaign. So Julia flew from London to beautiful Switzerland with its picturesque villages to spread her magic as an award winning photographer. We are proud to present the result of this shooting. So here it comes, enjoy.

Christa Klubert: Exhibitor at UpDate Salon and proud to present Silver Award for Frédérick Carnet

We would like to thank everyone who came around to our booth on this years UpDate Salon in Berlin. All of you made our day so much enjoyable and the Update became a full success. We are also very proud to announce that Frédérick Carnet was able to win Silver in the nude category and a Merit in the Transportation category at the GoSee Awards 2014. Thank you to all the judges who made this happen. See his Artist portfolio here Last but not least have a look at our other talent who where able to become finalists at the Awards. We are also proud of you of course! David Maurer Johann Bisesti Johannes Knuth See you soon// Christa, Andreia & Raphael

Johannes Knuth: Shoots happy people with good energy for E.ON

Johannes got the chance once again to proof his talent for our new client E.ON. He was able to do two shootings in a short period of time. Happy people on the set and also afterward on client side. We are proud of our Johannes. Responsible for the Artbuying is the lovely and professional Tanja Braune.

Joel Micah Miller: Seoulitude - Finding personal space in a Megacity

Where can you go when you need a calm spot in the world’s second-largest metropolis? This is a difficult question which Seoul’s inhabitants try to answer every day. It’s not a cakewalk to find time and space for yourself among 26 million neighbours in a city with twice the population density of New York and eight times as many inhabitants as Rome. Joel Micah Miller still managed to give us a very intimate and respectful insight into the free space of Seoul’s residents. Like a hunter on a deerstand, he catches these dreamy scenes from a distance. Scenes that show the metropolis’ residents just breaking away from the trouble and leaving their cares behind. His pictures transport this tranquillity and serenity to the viewer. That’s why they are so relaxing to look at.

Joel Micah Miller: Sierra Mist Campaign for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

It's always exciting when one brand tries to prevail against another and when a creative team like that of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners takes on the challenge against a competitor. What creative heads were part of the match Coca Cola vs. Pepsi is probably going to stay a secret. One of them, however, is Joel Micah Miller who had the privilege of staging Pepsi’s "Sierra Mist", a beverage that is a natural and tasty alternative to Sprite. For his visual realisation, Miller did not only pick marvellous landscapes but he also kept his photos witty: If you look close, you can see animals and the like hidden in the pictures. Some of them can be seen in the shapes of clouds or hiding behind rocks, or they are just shaped by nature. All in all, Miller skilfully effectuated this clever idea and he created a great poster child for Pepsi.

Joel Micah Miller: Monumental - Showing well known sights in a surprising new way

Joel Micah Miller's "Monumental" shows classic sights and places of the world which we have already seen several times and of which we hadn't thought they could still surprise us. Or, to put it another way: We wonder how, in the time of the internet’s picture floods, they can still be shown from an angle from which they haven’t already been captured by a smart phone!? Miller uses a trick here. His photos do not only depend on the monuments they depict, but also on the people who gather there, marvel at them, walk past them, or just linger there. Or so we should think! With a second look, we realize that these pictures show an everyday phenomenon which we know only too well: People and their multimedia distractions form a symbiosis. We don’t see the 21st century people marvel at the timeless legacies of past generations but we see people becoming tiny monuments themselves in these pictures. Generation Selfie is cancelling out art and also itself and Miller manages to point this out without being judgemental. In a way, Miller even manages to show what he already hints at in the title. "Monumental" shows tiny monuments and each photo provides monumental food for thought.

Joel Micah Miller: Mercedes Benz Anticipation Campaign

With "Anticipation", Joel Micah Miller provides a strong series of pictures, or rather a photo campaign, for Mercedes. You see a middle-aged man who smiles like a little boy having his first piece of chocolate while imitating the pose of someone driving a car. This pose and the comfy feeling that comes with – as is later revealed – driving a Mercedes is transported across the whole series and integrated into everyday situations. This way, the pictures sure gain wit but some of them also come across as rather absurd. Would you like an example? Just between you and me, because even I as a man think there's something strange about this: In the pictures, the skilfully staged man is accompanied by a similarly smiling lady who doesn’t seem to mind that her partner is dreaming of the Mercedes in bed, while having a romantic dinner, at the opera, etc. We can only congratulate him because when he finally gets his much-anticipated test drive in the Mercedes, the viewer realizes that this guy really belongs behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

Joel Micah Miller: Master of Light

For Joel Miller, light is more than a photographic tool. In his pictures, it becomes a photographic subject in its own right, lending human figures, landscapes, or even cars an almost unearthly lightness. Everything takes off and starts to shimmer a little, almost like in one of those dreams where you can fly. His wonderful exaggerations of reality go far beyond the cheerful monotony of much of contemporary photography. Genuine lightness is, after all, hard to come by.

Oliver Mark: Homestory for a russian oligarch

История одного русского олигарха Съёмка: 8 дней Подготовка до и после съёмки: 4 дня Ассистент: 1 человек Оборудование: 3 профото В2, лампа производитель, 2 камеры Canon, объективы от 16 до 200 миллиметров. Фильм: цифровой Редактирование: 60 часов Съёмка/ сопровождение на месте съёмки: 2 Парикмахер и визажист: 3 дня Стилист: 4 дня Модели: 10 человек Кастинг: 46 человек посредством Sedcard, 22 человека живой кастинг Место съёмок: вилла одного русского олигарха Последующая и заключительная обработка материала: 48 часов Перелёт авиалинией Аэрофлот, Air A 320, бизнес класс Shooting: 8 day Prep- Wrap: 4 days Assistants: 1 Equipment: 3 Profoto B2 plus Lightformer, 2 Canons, Lenses 16 mm to 200 mm Hair& Make-up: 3 days Styling: 4 days Models: 10 Casting: 46 per sedcard, 22 life casting Location: Villa of a russian oligarch Postproduction: 48 hrs Flights: Aeroloft, Air A320, Business Class

Dean Freeman: Welcome to the Stars.

Dean Freeman is a true star among photographers. One of the reasons for his fame is that, with one look through his camera, he transforms everyday life into a sparkling, cheerful and exciting world. In his pictures, people become supernatural personalities and every detail shows something extraordinary. Freeman does not only succeed in this transformation with the numerous stars and personalities whom he has photographed, but also in his pictures of yet undiscovered models. His pictures are invitations to a colourful world that stretches far beyond the ordinary. He is a master at staging our most secret wishes.

Oliver Mark: A Look Behind the Scenes

People like Oliver Mark insure that we don’t drown in boredom. Towards this end, he rushes with his camera through our lives, often far too conformist, finding things that are pleasurable, beautiful, sometimes obscene, and turning them into pictures that take our breath away. It’s impossible to look away, even if you try. He deserves gratitude for providing insights into a world that so often seems dull and orderly from the outside. Because although order is vital, it’s not everything.

Johannes Knuth: On the road in yankees doodle country

At heart, Johannes Knuth is a storyteller, both in stills and moving image. His work embraces the vibrancy and multi-faceted emotions of dreams, hopes and adventures that are the fabric of life and which make it worth living in the most uplifting sense. In this wonderfully casual and refreshing series out in the country bumpkin land of yankee-doodle-whatsit, we get to hang out with a veeery laid back family by their caravan, soaking up the sun on a carefree summer’s day. Johannes takes us on country roads to glistening lakes and shares special heart-felt moments with us, weaving us into the storylines, as if it becomes part of our own memory of experiences. Ah yes, almost forgot it was a shoot - Johannes makes it all look so easy! With some chilled out country music and a vintage Chevrolet as gorgeous as that, what else is there to want in life..?! He also produced a atmospheric film you can watch HERE

Tillmann Franzen: Gets the photo right, in every detail for DNV GL

What do a Norwegian ad agency, DNV GL, and Tillmann Franzen have in common? No idea? Never mind, because at the beginning of this text, you just don't have the overall picture yet, just like the three players mentioned above. All three pursue a goal: to get the picture right in every detail, all in their own way, and the end result has to be perfect. The result of this effort is an image campaign that skillfully and wittily captures DNV GL’s core concept: to show people and their special efforts in their work environment. For that, Tillmann Franzen traveled to Denmark, Hamburg, India and Shanghai catching motifs in large formats that with minimalistic elegance manage to visualize the various areas where DNV GL is active. Add the ad people’s idea of removing a fragment from each picture and assigning it to individual people visualizes the idea of the entire campaign perfectly — and thus we know the answer to the question posed above. Tillmann Franzen’s photographs are a beautiful contribution to this campaign.