A perfect photo consists of more than just pixels, emulsions and paper. A perfect photo has a secret. This mystery cannot be put into words and makes the perfect photo so unique and powerful. For a moment it takes the viewer out of everyday life and turns their world upside down. Therefore, a good photographer is more than just a photographer. We are very proud to have the best of these magicians among us.

Welcome to Christa Klubert

Tillmann Franzen: Cadillac Cars

A Cadillac is a car that has character, its own profile and charm. It is subtle but prominent and always elegant. You might even start philosophizing that it's a car which finds its matching driver rather than the driver being the one who finds the right car. The situation is similar with Tillmann Franzen's pictures: These are pictures the presence of which you can actually feel. They are exactly the type of pictures that speak a certain language. Thus, the cooperation between Tillmann Franzen and General Motors for their Cadillac's V-Series constitutes a perfect match. In this picture series, he creates a very effective but sober romanticism that gives his pictures these special Franzen-esthetics. Presenting the Cadillac in various everyday situations means presenting its hidden aspects. The not-so-obvious, unobtrusive splendor that yearns for being discovered. This turns Franzen's pictures of the Cadillac CTS-V into a kind of flirt. The way in which he makes an outstanding contribution to the limousine’s status is just wonderful.

Maeve Stam: Potpourri aka. Patta X Prins

Okay, when that much creativity is combined, you just don't know where to begin. First of all, Vice Magazine and Hallal Production from Amsterdam are publishing a film about a young boy and his crazy friends. But if you know those two creative wells you also know that this description might sound simple and harmless but the result is a wonderfully weird potpourri of comic moments. The pictures for this film are made by Maeve Stam, a young photographer who comes from the milieu and this is where we get to the point. Stam's pictures are just as fancy and alternative as the film about little Ayoub and his life on the streets is funny and alternative. Her own humorous description on her homepage reads: "From the film roll that I found". Of course, this is not true for the two main protagonists but there are these film roll esthetics. Maeve Stam's pictures look like they emerged from pure coincidence and were stolen from another time. She just releases the shutter whenever her gut feeling tells her to and thereby she creates wonderfully transfigured and dreamy, but still very real photographs.

Sander Foederer – Secrid’s Good Souls

Sander Foederer is usually known as a photographer who likes to deal with people's behavior in the public space and light studies in his projects. His image campaign for the people of the Secrid brand is therefore all the more surprising and it is definitely worth seeing. Here, Foederer makes full use of his incredible talent and he presents the employees at their best in their respective working environments. The pictures are bright and pleasant. Just like the employees presented, all of whom are obviously enjoying their work. Sander Foederer has mastered the art of finding the perfect angle and the right moment. This makes his picture series look rather candid and not the least bit affected or posed. His way of working with soft focus and depth effects creates a kind of mouse-perspective. We are right there with him in each picture and we get to know the employees. A great work that honors the secret stars of Secrid.

Denis Rouvre: Around the world for Lavazza

apricotberlin: Bringing back the summer with Channel Island Surfboards

Sunny Lau: In love with Izzy Bizu

Schall & Schnabel: Stains & Stripes

Buki Koshoni: A Gentlemans Life with Milk For Tea

Sebastian Artz: Playtime

NEW ARTIST: Sunny Lau - The perfect moment

For Sunny Lau’s camera, the world is a continuously changing atlas of mystical places. His pictures are passages to mysterious stories just before their climax. This creates a visual tension that is frequently reminiscent of the best moments in film. Whether in the urban canyons of Hong Kong or on a garbage dump – Sunny Lau turns the world into the most interesting place of the universe. Sunny Lau, born in England, initially studied design, but then turned to photography and the moving image. He is interested in the many different cultures that share this planet. He creates photographs that are both cool and personal, with a sometimes rough charm. In his work, he is strongly inspired by his surroundings, by people and trends that he encounters, but also by film. “I love to travel and discover places that are far away from my own background, my own culture, and even from nature. Most of all I love Hong Kong and Japan. For a while I even lived in South-East Asia.” When he’s not taking photographs, he devotes his time to reading and philosophy, where he often gets his ideas for his photographs.

Oliver Mark: Amour fou

As one of five photographers, Oliver Mark caught his personal and intimate version of Berlin with an instant camera for the exhibition “Berlin is for Lovers”. His choice of topics ranges from Hollywood stars to models and separate intimate body parts. Mark just released the shutter whenever he felt like it. As a consequence it is not only the pictures that portray intimate motifs but the moment when the shot is taken is also a very intimate one. The pictures are mysterious and, besides showing a loving Berlin, they reveal recurrent structures that remind the viewer of snow crystals. At times, they are mere footnotes and at times, they cover up whole areas of the motif. The question that remains is whether these structures are a result of the process of taking the pictures or whether there is an actual intention behind these occurrences. Anyway, Oliver Mark’s picture series portrays a slightly profligate, but at the same time a very tempting Berlin and it gives us moments we had not seen if it wasn’t for this series.

Joel Cartier: New work for Police

In our age, an age where every other person is trying to become the next influencer by means of smartphones and social media channels, being a creative pioneer has become an art again. One of the photographers who knows how to stay at the top is Joel Cartier. And he has proven it yet again for the brand Police. For Police’s accessories, he managed to create a perfect staging and a great color interplay in each single picture. Despite the fact that you might get the impression that an amateur has taken inspiration from his secret heroes, pros like Joel Cartier stay unparalleled in their quality. Cartier gives Police’s sturdy- looking products a distinctive industrial charm which makes them look very weighty. At least the composition does not convey the idea of presenting simple elegance. These still lifes perfectly transport the character of a status symbol. Joel Cartier managed again to excellently present the Police character.

David Maurer: Gone wild with the Audi S3 Sportback

A car as fancy as the Audi S3 Sportback really belongs on a smooth race track. Wrong! Rough and bumpy terrain is just the right kind of surface for the car’s powerful four wheel drive to prove what it can do and even the driver can really live it up here. Though this is a dirty matter, not only for the car, but also for David Maurer, the photographer, the result is nothing to sneeze at. The shiny red paint is barely visible through the dirt, but the red spots make for a colorful contrast to the bleak surroundings. This does not only highlight the fancy car, it actually seems to become something completely new because of the dirt and the stains. The sportster masters mud, water, gravel and soil and in David Maurer’s pictures, it always cuts a fine figure.

Knotan: A late night rendezvous with Sandqvist´s bags and items

Damien Vignaux: Unchained reality. Explosive collages for HANUY

Anders Jungermark: Getting comfy with Svenska HEM

Fredric Reshew: Everlasting glamour with intraceuticals

Julia Fullerton-Batten: It´s all about the girl for Untitled Magazine

Rafael Pinho: Surreal allusions to Dali for HA magazine

Brazilian fire meets Nordic esthetics. What sounds like it could melt the polar ice caps turns out to be a very stylistically confident and wonderfully creative work by Brazilian photographer Rafael Pinho. By order of HA magazine, Pinho was granted the chance to contribute a picture series to the third issue that you’d rather expect in an art magazine than in a magazine for Icelandic architecture. The pictures have a touch of Dalí in them due to their surrealist allusions and their small details. Each picture portrays its own world where, next to the often inverted perspective, the motifs themselves pose riddles. Despite the fact that the basic idea behind these pictures is one of reduction, they depict complex structures which make the viewer curious and which are fun to unravel. Rafael Pinho intertwines man and design and thereby creates new connections. Often, you get the idea only at second sight and you catch yourself enjoying the observation. The only thing that creates kind of a common thread throughout Rafael Pinho’s wonderful journey of discovery is the background colors.

apricotberlin: Down to earth - New motifs for American Apparel

The esthetics of American Apparel’s promotional pictures have always been a controversial subject: maybe they’re too revealing, too indecent, too sexist. There definitely was enough negative press. All this, however, cannot be said about the picture series by the two photographers Jessica Schwarz and Tiago da Silva, aka apricotberlin. Connected to American Apparel’s esthetics on the one hand, they also add a breath of fresh air on the other hand. The duo, who has been working for various prestigious clients under the name of apricotberlin since 2015, has a knack for snapshots. Perfect snapshots. The viewer is on eye level with the model who enjoys a day on a beautiful beach somewhere in the world and this creates a feeling of closeness and intimacy. Feelings on which the brand has depended since the year one. Of course, there will always be critics but hopefully, the people who enjoy apricotberlin’s great work are the majority.

Peter Otto: Time Machine - Meet the futuristic Nissan Maxima

If the comic character Flash was a car, then he would surely be the latest Nissan Maxima model. And if someone is able to catch the car-Flash with a camera, then it can only be Peter Otto. But this doesn’t explain how he got back to 2016 from the future. The amazing pictures of the Nissan Maxima just look fantastic with their futuristic urban sceneries. Where can they have been shot, if not in the future?! Obviously, Peter Otto digitally edited the pictures. Most of the pictures even make you wonder whether they have been made with an airbrush rather than with a camera. If it was Nissan’s wish to present the Maxima as a pioneering car, they managed to engage the visual creator of this fantasy with Peter Otto. Everything about Peter Otto’s picture series just makes you want to get in the car and drive towards the future.

Buki Koshoni: Million Dollar Winnetou for H&M

You can’t help but get the impression that Buki Koshoni did an Eastwood marathon before his shooting for H&M and got the inspiration for his protagonist from anything between Western films and Million Dollar Baby. The wildly made-up, very sporty woman, who is definitely seeking a quarrel, gives free reign to her energy. The resulting video and the accompanying pictures are characteristic for Koshoni. Bursting with vigor, wild, loud, but above all, they’re eyecatchers. Koshoni’s seems to have a talent in general for surprising the viewer with his pictures and there is barely anyone else who manages to do this as brilliantly as him. If you want to hit the bull’s eye, you call Koshoni. And this seems to be getting about. All the better for us, since this way we get to enjoy such great pictures like those for H&M again. Of course, Koshoni definitely aims for the right target group. It is hard to imagine that there is a young woman out there who doesn’t want to be this bundle of energy in the pictures. At least from time to time.2:

Schall & Schnabel: Hello darkness my old friend

Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn from Schall & Schnabel do not seem to be in as dark a mood as the title “Hello Darkness my old Friend” suggests. At least their internet presence and their previous successes prove a rather illustrious lifestyle. But Schall & Schnabel are a creative studio and the magazine Neverlazy is a demanding platform for creative activities. Of course, the duo came up with something special for the summer edition. In the end, and in contrast to summery feelings, the sun was packed away and melancholy was unpacked. The result is a dark fashion series that manages to depict splendor despite all the melancholy. The model Marlene, who perfectly communicates the vision of a sad soul with her expressive performance, is in the center of the glamour. The weakness she shows is her strong suit. The lost, the wistful. She fits almost perfectly into the montage technique that is used by Pierre Horn and Eileen Huhn in this series. The result is an exciting mixture of colors, collage and authentic pictures of Marlene. But also the setting, the styling and the makeup perfectly add to this project.

Kilian Kessler: Skyfall - Aesthetic machenerie photos for FERAG

It is absolutely incredible that a photographer manages to make an industrial facility look sexy. Not only does the transportation machine Skyfall by FERAG have the same name as the second-to last Bond film, but the pictures of the Swiss photographer’s product presentation show similar esthetics. Before your inner eye you can see the rolling suspension, which looks a bit like clothes bags, glide past you while you can almost hear Adele singing softly in the background and you can almost taste the Martini on your tongue. Daniel Craig would also look great swinging from the suspension. Kessler definitely appealed to a very specific emotional sphere with his pictorial language. You get the impression of looking at a powerful, precise machine that doesn’t make any mistakes and is extremely exciting to look at. One of the reasons for this effect is the fact that the pictures are rather held in black and white tones and therefore there are only a few color statements but those are wonderfully chosen for their interplay with the overall impression. The close-ups of the chrome rails, the reels and other mechanical elements create the impression of looking at real design objects. With his presentation of the transportation machine SKYFALL, Kilian Kessler finds a perfect balance between the objects’ aestheticization and the emphasis of their qualities. It is all about the details!

JehleWill: Always at home with Carado motorhomes

The people of Ravensburg must be a funny lot. The city is not only the origin of one of the most renowned manufacturers of table games, but also of two great photographers who deliver exciting pictures under the name of Jehle Will. For those two creative geniuses Benjamin Jehle and Steffen Will, no motif seems to be too simple to find something unique and special about it. So it is not surprising that a topic as plain and dry as a shooting for motorhomes can suddenly become a very aesthetic eyecatcher for Carado, the motorhome and caravan manufacturer. But that’s not the end of it. Due to the skill of the artists the two protagonists, a couple in their prime of life, gain a dynamic, friendly and playful air in front of the camera. Thanks to Jehle Will, the light flooded caravan becomes a camping oasis and the whole appearance of the pictures can definitely compete with popular campaigns for vehicle bodies. You can feel that a young and extremely promising duo was at work here and it makes you curious about what will come next.