A perfect photo consists of more than just pixels, emulsions and paper. A perfect photo has a secret. This mystery cannot be put into words and makes the perfect photo so unique and powerful. For a moment it takes the viewer out of everyday life and turns their world upside down. Therefore, a good photographer is more than just a photographer. We are very proud to have the best of these magicians among us.

Welcome to Christa Klubert

David Maurer: Seeking the sun

Joel Micah Miller: Smart - The Woodcutter

With this new series and motion clip for Smart, Joel Micah Miller proofs that he's able to catch the very essence of the product. This time we follow the Smart to a idyllic location in the woods. This shows that the Smart is capable of much more than the normal city cruising. It brings our woodcutter safely to his destination. And this with a lot of driving pleasure. So if you want to cut some wood… take your Smart and drive into the wildness. We promise you, you’ll love it.2:

Oliver Mark: Great portraits for Kunsthalle Hamburg

Lutz Hilgers: Campaign for Asklepios Clinics

Julia Fullerton-Batten: Les Revenants for Canal +

Rafael Pinho: Sexy accessories and geometric forms for Elle

Schall & Schnabel: Mercury River

Knotan: Sandqvist Lookbook

Tillmann Franzen: Imi Knoebel for Monopol

Denis Ignatov: Althaus Golfdesign

It’s not the first time Althaus Design turned to Denis Ignatov for his services. Denis, known for his natural way to photograph people and landscapes, was the perfect choice to capture this moments for eternity. If you want to see endless green, sun and golfing. Be our guest and take a look. We hope you enjoy it.2:

Sunny Lau: Street Style for Highsnobiety

apricotberlin: Summer dreaming with NAWA swimwear

Sebastian Artz: Exploring the city

Denis Rouvre: L´Artisanat

Anders Jungermark: Swedish artists

David Maurer: A black Mercedes Brabus G63 in the dark

Lutz Hilgers: Marble and stone for NOWADAYS fashion

Elegance, style and zeitgeist are the key elements of this new lookbook from Nowdays fashion. All elements Lutz Hilgers is familiar with. So it's not surprising Nowadays chose him to shoot their Autumn Winter 2017 lookbook, Marmor, stone and a super trendy model are showing what the modern and minimalist fashionista loves. You are looking for new? Just stop looking and check out the collection.2:

Lutz Hilgers: Colourful waves for Genesis by Affinity

Villeroy & Boch are walking futuristic paths with their décor line GENESIS BY AFFINITY. Along the lines of: “Colour is the new white”, they appeal to innovative gastronomy and cuisine. Here, new creations meet exceptional design. Thus, with the choice of Lutz Hilgers as their photographer and video artist, the realization is also exceptional and skillfully made. Hilgers is known for powerful, expressive shots. Whether it’s portraits, interior design, or the like, he catches more than just the moment with his lens. Similarly, the brief spot he created for the Genesis Line is a powerful, colourful spectacle where many-coloured waves crash against Villeroy & Boch’s innocent tableware and leave their traces. Just like the new design of Villeroy & Boch promises. Hilgers masterfully takes up the desire for new ideas not only by perfectly visualizing the designs’ concepts but also by contrasting them with conceptual ideas of creative chefs. All in all, this short film conveys pleasure and creates a desire for colour. Whether it’s the porcelain’s design or the innovative dishes, Lutz Hilgers did more than just rise to the challenge.1:

Oliver Mark: Floating coats for TUSH Magazine

David Maurer: VW Amarok

With the VW Amarok, driving enjoyment in all kinds of situations is guaranteed. The highly resilient and sporty car offers the possibility to not only drive down unknown roads, but also to discover pure wilderness and to tame rough natural forces. How do you present such an all-rounder with all its qualities? David Maurer depicts his shiny protagonist in the most diverse settings in order to capture and portray its versatility. The bumpy, rocky desert does not provide any obstacles for this car and the dustclouds make you realize how fast the car races across this rough terrain. The all-rounder also cuts a fine figure on the road, with the glistening sunlight behind its back on its way to new adventures. With his unique talent for perfectly integrating the object into the most unusual settings, Maurer manages to mirror the car’s versatility in the diverse scenery of his pictures. These pictures are worth a thousand commercials!

Florent Petitfrère: Esquire

Being a former model, Florent Petitfrère knows the tricks of fashion editorial. But knowing these tricks does not necessarily make someone a good photographer. Luckily, it does in Florent Petitfrère’s case. Fashion magazines from all over the world publish his pictures with the greatest pleasure. They all carry his unique thumbprint. Petitfrère loves black-and-white photography and knows how to stage pictures in an unusual light. This makes his picture series for Esquire Magazine even more unusual, because he actually dared to let color into his pictures this time. The result is a picture series that puts the model and his own pictorial language right in the spotlight. The actors look stiff and frozen but they are surrounded with warm colors. The contrasts and the soft focus surrounding them lend them a degree of three-dimensionality. The looks on their faces reveal a certain prudence, or thoughtfulness, which gives these wonderful pictures their own unique atmosphere.

Knotan: Facets of David Lagercrantz for Stern Magazine

Kilian Kessler: Studer Food Cleaning

Joel Micah Miller: The Lake House

Rafael Pinho: A brave new world for Nýtt Líf Magazine