A perfect photo consists of more than just pixels, emulsions and paper. A perfect photo has a secret. This mystery cannot be put into words and makes the perfect photo so unique and powerful. For a moment it takes the viewer out of everyday life and turns their world upside down. Therefore, a good photographer is more than just a photographer. We are very proud to have the best of these magicians among us.

Welcome to Christa Klubert

Christian Brecheis: Media Markt – Back to the Roots

When in Bavaria, do as the Bavarians do! If you have ever traveled across Germany, you probably know that the different federal states all have their own cultural quirks. Christian Brecheis took advantage of exactly this fact in his webisodes for the client Media Markt. He managed to combine the successful company’s tradition and history with peppy humor in his contemporary videos. These webisodes are a little reminiscent of Stromberg and they show the company’s guiding culture in a witty and sarcastic way without losing the Bavarian touch. Christian chose Harry G as his competent supporter, who caused a sensation on the internet as the “ambassador of Bavarian lifestyle” with his snappy sense of humor. In the course of the webisodes, the protagonist Lukas explains to the audience what is important to the employees in the stores. This is where the duo created a humorous ambience by means of the discrepancy between the protagonist’s monologue and the customer’s confused looks. This contrast is what highlights the essentials. The audience quickly realizes the discrepancy between what’s said and shown and so their attention is drawn to the webisodes’ actual statement: customer satisfaction, expert consulting and perfect service are most important. Anybody could tell you this but Christian’s sarcastic way of depicting it keeps these clips in your mind and this is where they take full effect. Media Markt is lucky to have found such a dynamic duo for the job. No one else could have depicted the motto “Mia san Media Markt!” (“We are Media Markt!”) in such a funny and skillful way. 1:

Joel Cartier: Watchinator

Even the terminator needs to know the time while traveling through time and space. So the lifestyle brand Police was clever enough to start a cooperation with the Terminator franchise. The result is a sound timepiece with the robot’s face on the dial. For the visual realization of their image film, Police got Joel Cartier on board, who delivered more than just great work. He created a combination of a movie trailer and product placement with a difference because he perfectly manages to use every take in a way that equally blends the two sides. Again and again, he uses pieces of the Terminator trailer and transfers them to the close ups of the watches. This can be the Terminator’s red-blinking eye, which appears with the red spots on the watch, the machine’s metamorphoses which reappear around the watch in an adaptation, or effects such as fog and the like which further stage the watch. All these gimmicks turn Joel Cartier’s image film into an impressive message for Police. 1:

Peter Otto: Mercedes CLS

The new CLS generation is described in two simple words on the Mercedes Benz website: Light. Shape. And this is exactly what Peter Otto perfectly stages in his picture series for this car. One might even argue that the Mercedes is turned into a shining light of lifestyle in Otto’s pictures. We see a young couple who spends a nice day together in an urban scenery. Otto works a lot with mirror images which also emphasize the lighting. The couple is reflected and even the car reflects the couple’s mood. Light is a well-used medium which doesn’t fail to create the idea of splendour and aesthetic. The car is a constant companion and a perpetual shape in the background which strengthens the feeling of safety and security. It is obvious that the pictures of the couple inside the car are supposed to communicate exactly that. Peter Otto knows how to address a modern audience and delivers a fine campaign for Mercedes.

Sivan Miller: Adidas

What does a manufacturer of sports equipment do to turn his label into a lifestyle brand? He gets the best lifestyle photographer of the 21st century. Sivan Miller. The self-taught photographer Sivan Miller, who managed to draw attention to his talent already at an early age, became one of the most popular fashion photographers due to his omnipresence on Twitter and the like. His pictures are small enactments which always appear big and strong despite their minimalist style. It is exactly this effect and the resulting exaggeration o the mundane which fascinate the viewer. How else could you explain that a small, angry looking girl in an orange dress wearing white tennis socks and slippers does not look like the block’s most nasty bully but rather like a tough woman who has an extravagant taste?! Being crazy about details and having an eye for the perfect moment, Miller manages to make the models wearing Adidas streetwear look so glamorous that their elegance fascinates you but you still wonder whether they might go and have a beer with you. So he created a contemporary lifestyle series that almost looks like an editorial piece.

Fredric Reshew: Beauty Can Be Learned

The brush in the picture is a hint already: This is not only about a finished work of art but also about the artist behind the scenes. Here, we learn that there is more to perfect photographs than just a beautiful model and a talented photographer. Who wouldn’t want to look like the beauty icon Kim Kardashian West in this picture – a soft, matte complexion, a natural but still dazzling eye make-up, glossy and full lips. Frederic Reshew’s picture is supposed to create exactly this wish in the viewer. He photographed the media celebrity in order to call attention to the art and skills of make-up artists. Everyone who is interested can learn how to do it from Kim and the famous make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic in the course of a workshop in California. Anyway, Fredric’s picture does whet the appetite and it clearly shows that beauty can be learned

Denis Ignatov: Black Magic

Esoteric people attribute magic powers to certain objects. In photography, one could argue that some people have the gift of enticing that magic from those objects, like Denis Ignatov. People who follow Denis’ works have probably noticed that he has a special intuition for staging people and giving their character a certain refinement. Naturally, he manages to equally fascinate the viewer with his product photography. He has proven this yet again with his latest work for Dominique Labordery, a jewelry designer whose website exclusively features photographs by Ignatov. His Leitmotif seems to be one of simple elegance which helps him to create a clandestine pictorial language. As a result, there is Dominique’s cubistic jewelry, which consists of wearable objects as well as objects of exhibition that can be admired in museums on the one hand, and Denis’ interpretation of her artistry into an impressive exhibition of her works on the other hand. At the same time he perfectly manages to adapt the materials for a classic background and highlights the objects’ forms with perfect lighting and the right angle. The resulting effect is that there are no distractions for the viewer and that the fascination stems from the objects’ own essence. Despite the fact that this is not esoteric jewelry, Ignatov manages to give them a certain magic aura.

Dean Freeman: I need your love

Without words, how could we understand the world? Without senses, how could we feel it? Deeply touched and inspired by the poem “This Is My Beloved” by Walter Benton, which Dean Freeman found in in the form of a diary entry in one of his favorite books, he created a wonderful short film. In the course of the film, we are watching a very attractive young woman walking the streets of Istanbul. While walking past houses and along streets, she recites the poem, at times as a voiceover and at times directly in the film. The intensity and emotional closeness communicated by the film are dominated by Freeman’s artistic play with perspective, composition and lighting. The beautiful woman becomes a prophet of emotion and Istanbul becomes a dream world which turns the protagonist’s most simple actions into desirable experiences. The poem itself is about love, desire, and the acceptance of life in a broader sense, but exactly this broader sense is what Freeman catches and displays in the woman’s voyage. Freeman portrays intimacy with close-ups in narrow spaces and freedom when filming her in squares from a distance. The film is a constant discrepancy between seriousness and lightness, between melancholy and hope, displayed in brief sequenced images. It is not easy to convey the feeling of being deeply touched but Freeman creates an incredible closeness and thereby manages to communicate this wonderful idea. 1:

Anders Jungermark: Holiday Feeling

If you want to be where a picture was taken, the photographer did his work right. This is why the Swedish fashion label De Val can be happy to have engaged the services of Anders Jungermark for their picture series. Jungermark knows how to stage the three models, a young man and two smart ladies, in the different collections in a way that perfectly communicates the label’s image of lightness. The pictures create the idea that the photographer met three friends on vacation in a coastal town and simply took pictures of them. Each portrait, each scenery, and each setting resonates with naturalness. This idea is further underlined by his choice of motifs and effects. These pictures almost create a holiday feeling for the viewer and you are tempted to just pack your suitcase and go to Sweden

Sander Foederer – Sundial

What does reduction do? It lets you see what’s essential. Your senses are taken on a journey and you might become aware of things you had otherwise missed. That’s what Sander Foederer thought and that is what he tried to achieve with his documentary Sundial. We see different people in the streets of Den Haag who are taken away from their everyday lives and are newly staged and integrated into the city’s scenery. Here, Sander’s focus is on the lighting, the pace and the natural influences surrounding those people but also on their banal reactions which become blatantly obvious in slow motion. The city’s scenery is kept dark while the protagonists ablaze with light. It is exactly this contrast that shows what the seeing eye misses in the rush of everyday life. The people are not moving but the life surrounding them goes on. This moment depicts them completely natural while their unbridled surroundings also take their natural course. The result is a slightly irritating but also captivating insight into incomprehensible scenery. The documentary especially emphasizes the subtle facial expressions that create an interplay between a natural and a romanticized and transfigured image. An interesting artistic short film that is worth letting yourself in for. 1:

David Maurer: BMW Z4 Roadster

A car that combines tradition and modernism, this is exactly what David Maurer impressively depicts in his photos. He bridges the gap between old and new by staging the sporty protagonist in a setting that could barely be richer in tradition: In beautiful Barcelona, he shows the successor of the classic Roadster at its best. Just like the city itself, this dynamic car combines history and innovation into a harmonic picture and it invites to enjoying summery days in and around Barcelona. Due to Maurer’s special intuition for depicting the car’s dynamic details, the viewer cannot miss them in his pictures. David does not only depict a car here, but the perfect synergy of object and setting which excitingly mirrors the combination of old and new.

Julia Fullerton-Batten: Campari

Someone who manages to charm the pants off James Bond and even to steal his heart will definitely also manage to steal the hearts of Campari’s friends who can enjoy the limited-edition calendar month after month. In every picture, Eva Green cuts a fine figure in front of the camera of art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten and in dresses of Versace, Vivienne Westwood and others. The calendar’s motto, “Mythology Mixology”, tells the tale of classic Campari drinks in delicately staged pictures, the protagonist of which completely relies on seduction in her red dress. Starting with the cover that shows Eva Green in front of a huge wheel of fortune, the different months take her as far away as to the moon. The viewer shouldn’t expect a typical calendar from Julia Fullerton-Batten, but an elaborately staged tribute to the noble Campari drinks. The brand should be more than happy to not only have found someone who represents the sexy, charming Campari image but also to have found someone in Julia Fullerton-Batten who knows how to perfectly stage this moment.

Johannes Knuth: Holiday feeling in your backyard

Holidays are a feeling! And Johannes Knuth transports this feeling perfectly again with his clip for Tchibo. You can’t only see the heartily and playful gathering and the pure relaxation on screen. When you watch the clip, you will almost feel as if on holiday yourself. Refreshed by a light breeze, a family and friends enjoy being together beneath the sun. It doesn’t matter whether they gather on a wild meadow or in a well-kept backyard, the protagonists virtually radiate joy and are obviously enjoying the shooting and the party! Johannes managed yet again to stage them so naturally and candid that it seems like no camera was around at all. Of course, Tchibo’s products have to be in there as well but since they are placed almost incidentally in these scenes, you will hardly notice that you’re watching a commercial. This lively mood is emphasized by the exceptional cinematography, which is very dynamic without being turbulent – Johannes perfectly illustrates Tchibo’s family-friendly and customer-oriented image here! Despite the fact that the clip was shot in South Africa, it impressively demonstrates how easy it can be to get this holiday feeling into your own backyard – Feel free to imitate!

Denis Rouvre: "Low Tide" Exhibition at Museum Kunst der Westküste

We are proud to announce that Denis Rouvre's Exhibition "Low Tide - Japan after the Tsunami" can be visited from now on until 10th January, 2016 at the Museum Kunst der Weltküste, Alkersum/Föhr. If you want a little bit more information about his moving photographic project you can take a look at the documentary from the NDR Kulturzeit. Find the video Here

Dean Freeman: Directs Häagen-Dazs Global Campaign

Dean Freeman was commissioned to direct and shoot the new Häagen-Dazs global integrated campaign. Starring People Magazines “Sexiest Man Alive” Bradley Cooper and beautiful Model Deborah Mace. The spots focuses on the classical game of seduction. We accompany both protagonists through the commercial to find out at the end who the real star is, the ice cream itself! So it is obvious that Dean was called to direct this fun spot himself and shoot the print and posters , to be known as one to be loved and trusted by celebrities. So be our guest and take a look at the spot and exclusive Directors cut as well as the Global print and poster ads and enjoy. All in the name of real pleasure, of course!1: 2:

David Maurer & Joel Micah Miller: Twoface

The new project of David Maurer and Joel Micah Miller might be inspired by a Batman movie. For the cleaning company Kärcher, they have come up with a witty concept that seems to be reminiscent of the supervillain Twoface. Their goal was to prove the efficiency of Kärcher’s new cleaning machine in mobile application, which can remove even the most resistant soil. Both photographers chose to combine their before and after pictures in a kind of mirror image. David Maurer’s motif is a Mercedes. On one side of his picture the car is shown in front of a construction site and it is extremely dirty, while the other side of the picture shows the same car standing in front of the finished building, shining in new splendor. It is especially funny to watch him clean the rest of the car with Kärcher’s machine in his second picture. Joel Micah Miller also chose to portray a car, a BMW, depicted in a birds-eye perspective in a simulated car workshop. Here, he also contrasts the before and after pictures in a mirror image, which reconstructs the work progress and shows how clean the workplace can get with Kärcher’s machine. Both projects are brilliantly realized and the result is an exceptional poster child for Kärcher.

Lutz Hilgers: With Passion - Visiting Piet Hein Eek

If there’s anything you don’t like you can either ignore it, destroy it, or change it. In the 90’s, Piet Hein Eek chose to do the latter and broke with the norms of designing furniture when he was only 23 years old. Bored by the flawlessness around him, he actually found his medium in waste wood and first created a cabinet that didn’t really fit into the concepts of smooth surfaces, clear structures and perfectionism. It was his answer and the birth of furniture that looks like do-it-yourself objects but that bear his distinct and unimitable hallmark. Lutz Hilgers highly appreciates Piet Hein Eek’s handicraft and took pictures of some of the pieces for the recycling lover. The resulting pictures portray Eek’s furniture in a way that perfectly captures how beautifully and elegantly the rough and authentic materials merge into objects. Hilgers does not only portray the furniture at the end of this creative process but also gives an insight into the process itself. Thereby, he does not only present one overall image, but the contrast also portrays the objects in their unique significance. The perspectives that Hilgers chose for his subjects are especially interesting because they help to portray how these unique pieces blend in with their surroundings. These wild and unique items are made with love and can upgrade whole rooms in an astounding way. With this picture series, one esthete honors the work of another.

Sivan Miller: Captain Future

In his motifs, Sivan Miller seeks the face of the 21st century. His feel for special models, fashion, and locations all combine into cool portraits offering the beholder a new perspective on today's world. In his choice of models, he looks for a certain "alien feeling" - for types that will take us on a trip to the near future. In doing so, Miller often sets standards in the field of lifestyle photography. Silvan Miller, born in 1989 in South Africa, initially studied 3D animation, but quickly turned to photography. He took his first steps as a photographer aged 17, and at 19 he was already working as a professional photographer. Being discovered by the legendary talk-show host Oprah Winfrey propelled his career even further. Today, this young photographer belongs to the emerging masters of lifestyle photography. His sense for faces and his modern staging all make for a laid-back but also very secure visual vocabulary.

Atli Thor Alfredsson: The Magician From Way Up North

Atli Thor Alfredsson from Iceland uses his camera to transform the everyday into something magical. It really doesn't matter whether he photographs models, horses, power plants, or luxury watches. Thor stages visual worlds that have their own laws and their own creative vocabulary. His surreal, fairytale motifs are often inspired by the sparse beauty of Icelandic landscapes. The result are photographs that never fail to fascinate the beholder in a magical way. Atli Thor Alfredsson was born in 1975 in Reykjavík. He calls himself a hard worker who won't stop until he's really figured things out. The otherworldly expanses of Icelandic nature always motivate him to discover something new in a motif that has never been shown before. Atli Thor, who lives in Copenhagen, discovered his great passion photography in his late twenties, so he enrolled at The Danish School of Photography. This is how he sums up his approach to the medium: "I'm fascinated by people, the differences between them and the similarities that make them the same, but different. Finding and discovering contrast, in all facets of life, gives me inspiration and pleasure. It is in everything we do. The differences between so many things is important to recognize, what we call "bad" is just as important as the thing we call "good". Without contrast we are unable to create opinions. We wouldn't know the difference between light and dark, up's and downs or love and hate. We wouldn't be able to appreciate life without appreciating death, we wouldn't be able to define happiness without sadness. Contrast is essential to develop and to widen our understanding of all things around us."

Mathilde Karrer: The Beauty of the Object

Most objects contain more life than is visible from outside, because many everyday objects play an almost magical role in our life. Mathilde Karrer makes this hidden meaning visible in a beautiful way. She arranges elegant still lifes and hides delicately told stories in them. Sometimes it is just a short story, sometimes fragments of a romance or adventure. If you love things, you will love Mathilde Karrer’s photographs Mathilde Karrer and her dog Count Gilbert Montgomery are members of a Dutch artist family, where they learned to appreciate the hidden value of things at an early age. Among her carefully preserved rarities was for a while a collection of rare Italo House music that she served as DJ to discerning Berlin club goers. When she discovered her love of photography, she started working days rather than nights, and ever since has delighted her clients with wonderful still lifes. By the way, she cultivates her passion for the extraordinary not just in photography, but also in her online shop Okzident that is always well worth visiting.

Fredric Reshew: The Colorful Rebel

In Fredric Reshew or "Freshew", as he also calls himself, two creative hearts are beating. As a photographer, the multi-talented Reshew with his vividly colored visuality is at home in the world of fashion, pop, and modern lifestyle. As a director, he combines his instinct for extraordinary images with profound, complex narratives. This contrast runs through his entire oeuvre. With Reshew, beauty is never superficial, and seriousness is never boring. Among the artists who admire this are Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and bands such as Massive Attack, Bloc Party, and Daft Punk. Fredric Reshew is a child of the dream factory Hollywood. That is where he grew up before moving to Paris, Milan, London, and New York. Like his role models, the directors Kubrick and Antonioni, who also started their careers as photographers, Reshew soon turned to the moving image. His first short film, OM, won international awards, and by now he also makes TV series. With his wife and their two children, he lives in Stockholm and Los Angeles.

JehleWill: Seeing More Together

JehleWill are Steffen Will and Benjamin Jehle, who joined to form a creative collective. Their precisely constructed portraits and documentations place men and women at the center of a complex world. In their photographs, we get very close to the protagonists, whether they are in the middle of a beautiful landscape or in an industrial environment. The duo succeeds with an aesthetic that is both dynamic and friendly. Jehle and Will have known each other since they were students at photography school. After graduating, they traveled together extensively, and on their journeys developed a shared view of the world. Their close cooperation benefits both the shootings as well as the finished photograph. One of the partners looks at the motif with the eye of a advertising photographer, while the other one sees it as a portrait photographer. In this way, cool photographs with an incredible scenic concentration are produced in their studio.

Joel Cartier: Life as a Stage

Joel Cartier stages visual spectacles full of explosive power. Whether it is photography or a moving image, in his pictures even the smallest little details are charged with a fantastic energy. The result are modern heroic dramas that live up to their classical models. Every moment is an adventure, and with Cartier, life itself becomes an amazing stage. Joel Cartier was born in 1984 in Paris and moved to Switzerland when he was four. There, he finished his studies and training with the best grades possible, and then worked initially in the editorial and advertising fields before becoming a free-lance photographer and filmmaker. Since then, he has been traveling the world, preferably in Asia, and is always on the lookout for the right places to pursue his adventurous hobbies like flying, diving, and base jumping. What he experiences there finds its way in his work for clients including Jean Paul Gaultier, SWATCH, BMW, Paris Hilton, Nivea, Schwarzkopf, and Ed Hardy.

Rafael Pinho: Power and Elegance

The elegance and power of Rafael Pinho’s photographs are sometimes reminiscent of classical paintings and sometimes of masterpieces of pop culture. His feeling for composition and color as well as his brave, confident arrangements are always in the service of a clear visual idea. Among the crowd of contemporary photographers, he pursues very much his own path. In terms of aesthetics, his photographs are exceptional, perhaps even peerless. Like his parents, Pinho, who is from Brazil, first turned to architecture, but already as a student started flirting with photography. This led to internships with photographers in São Paulo, New York and Berlin. Only a few years later, when Pinho was already working in an Icelandic architecture studio, he was overcome altogether by his love of photography. He quit his secure job, a step for which he was richly rewarded, his photographs receiving Cannes lions and having participated at the Biennales in Florence and Rome, and his outstanding work is sought after by the best agencies worldwide.

Christian Brecheis: The Dynamics of Life.

Christian Brecheis counters the increasingly staged, artificial sport and lifestyle photography with an unbeatable strategy: naturalness. An enthusiastic athlete himself, Brecheis approaches the genre with an exceptional sensitivity for the body and the engagement of men and women with nature. His photographs communicate joy, passion, and a natural lightness, and in them, the boundary between sport and lifestyle becomes fluid.

Damien Vignaux: Adidas, Nike, Saint Laurent...

Damien Vignaux links photography, moving images, and illustration into a new form of holistic visuality. He tells sensual stories and blurs the boundaries between disciplines. In order to balance his three passions, and keep reinventing himself, he travels a lot. This passion is reflected in his works, and his creative energy enables him to express himself uniquely in any place on earth. The multitalented Damien Vignaux grew up in the south of France, and since this time has always felt deeply connected to nature. He studied design in Toulouse, graduating with outstanding grades, and then he moved to Berlin, a city he treasures for its urban landscapes and the fashion scene there. When he is not behind the camera, he makes electronic music with the band Oblast. His clients include Saint Laurent, Adidas, Nike, Swatch, Arte, EMI, Universal, MTV, Redbull, Sunday Times, Warner, Air Canada just to name a few.